The Reliever

The Reliever

Outside her window, there was a city bustling with life. There were people, thousands of them, all of them purposefully going about their tasks, even at this late hour.

Two blocks down, by a lamp post, a man would kiss his date for the first time. Further down the road, there was a house where a boy waited out his last night of high school, with tears in his eyes and nostalgia filling his heart.

Two floors down from Lisa’s, a couple in the maternity ward cherished their baby’s first moments.

Lisa remembered her mother, although the memories were hazy. There was this one particular memory of her mother caressing her hair as she screamed in pain. She was suffering from Jaundice then. The pain had been unbearable, but it was nothing compared to what she was living with now.

Oh, how she wished her mother was here now: to caress her, and tell her that everything was going to be okay. It wouldn’t happen though… She died 40 years ago.

There was a strong wind, and her curtains flew wildly for a moment before settling down calmly again. Lisa tried to get up to see what was going on but she could only manage to move her head. The rest of her body was paralyzed.

She noticed the shadows move on the wall in front of her.A figure became distinguished as it moved towards her. Lisa could not tell the color of his clothes, but she imagine they must be dark gray for that was the color with least visibility in darkness. Maybe they were dark gray, maybe they weren’t. She had no way to tell. She thought she should be scared of him, but through the veil of pain, she hardly felt any emotions.

“How are you today, Lisa?”, he asked as he moved to her side. His voice was friendly and inspired trust.

“I am in pain … a lot … of pain”. Tears filled her eyes as she struggled to speak.

The figured tickled her scalp with her fingers playfully. It made her sleepy. She remembered someone she had met in her youth could do the same.She couldn’t remember who it was, just that there had been someone.

“Its going to be okay, Lisa”, he said.

She noticed her pain was fading slowly, ever so slowly.

“Are you God?”, she asked.

The figure laughed. It was a warm comforting laughter that filled her heart with hope.

“No, but you could say I am an angel. ”

“Are you here to take me to God?”

The figure moved his face closer to her and whispered,

“I can if you want to and only if you want to…”.

Lisa reflected upon it for a second.

“ I want to be free again. Even if it is in death.”

“And what about your family?”

“They’ll get over it. Right now I am nothing more to them than a source of pain. I see Bobby struggling hard to pay my bills. I don’t want to be a burden anymore. I had a good life, I want to go away with dignity. Will you give me that?”

He smiled. It was a smile of understanding, brimming with empathy. He had done this before, she realized. What exactly he was, she didn’t know. She had a word for him, however.

“Reliever, will you relieve me?”

He spoke nothing for a while, just looked at her, as if trying to read her mind, trying to ascertain if she actually wanted what she thought she wanted. He had to be sure, she knew.

“Lisa… you are redeemed. ”, he said finally.

She saw in his hand an empty syringe. He had already pushed whatever was in it into her arterial line.

“Is that what will kill me?”, she asked.

“No, this is my gift to you. I give you a perfect dream. You will live a lifetime in it. Life will be as you imagine it to be. You will live many years in the dream. There will be no pain, only happiness”

She thought about this. Her pain had faded completely, she could only feel its absense. There were waves of euphoria going through her body. It reminded her of the warm feeling she had on her prom night when her childhood crush had taken her for a dance.

“Will he be there in the dream”, she inquired, thinking of him.

“Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. I don’t know, Lisa. Its your dream”.

Her eyes were heavy. Her mind mind was already racing with images and memories called from the distant past. She had trouble focussing on the person beside her.

“Its okay, let it take over.”, he said reassuringly.

She closed her eyes and let her mind take over. Soon she forgot where as her imagination took over. Her life as it should have been flashed before her eyes.

The Reliever looked at Lisa. She was asleep. He stepped up her morphine drip. She had a few minutes before it took her life.

“Good night, Lisa. Have a great life”.

He walked over to the Window and looked at her one last time before jumping down the ledge and onto the street. There was a homeless man sleeping on the pavement. He put a dollar in his cup and disappeared into the night.

That night Lisa dreamt of her prom night and her life since. How happy she had been when he had kissed her. She relived the warmth of that kiss. Her whole life was going to be perfect. She danced that night with a liquid grace so perfect that everyone watched her mesmerized. There was no pain. Her life was perfect from then on. Every morning she went to work in her own Designer store. At evening, he’d wait for her and they’d dance the night away.Lisa didn’t know if this was how her real life had been. Something told her it was all a dream. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t.

She travelled the world and visited every place she ever wanted to. One morning, she had coffee in a seaside cafe in greece… just like she always wanted to.

In her dream, she lived on forever. In the span of a minute, she lived several years. Every week, a new delight waited round the corner. There was no pain, her mother was always around. She never grew older, or weaker.

The morphine killed her fifteen minutes later. Maybe she noticed… maybe she didn’t

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Blown away

Blown away

All around him were rotting bodies of his mates. There had been six of them that had come there: knights in shining armors out to rescue the world from terrors it didn’t even know of. They had quickly died at the hands of the enemy and fallen to dust. Before they died, they collectively managed to kill 5 of the 8 terrorists. Casper alone had killed the rest 3, but not before they had done what they had come to do. He ran to the site, running, sometimes jumping over the fading corpses of his fellow soldiers.

poze. There it was right ahead of him over the crates.

“The bastards”. He ran upto the bomb. He had very little time left, he knew. There was a slim chance he would be able to defuse it before it unleashed a chemical whirlwind upon the surrounding city. He crouched and started working on the bomb with utmost concentration. Less than 15 seconds left, he was running out of time.

A loud female voice spoke behind him

“Arny, take out the trash right now, or the wifi goes down immediately. I am counting to three…two”

Damn, he thought.

“Coming, mom”, he screamed as he ran down the stairs to fulfill his task. On the screen, the bomb exploded and a new round started.

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Ask the lady what she hides

what secret does conspire

behind the sweet delightful smile

in a darkness deep and dire


Ask the lady why she wears

so long her gown and top so high

as if to hide a mark of love

that looks cannot deny


Ask the men why they stare

at her across the street

as if in love, their hearts aware,

but no words on their lips


Ask the men if they can see

when their mind dresses her down

a single knife wound on her breast

or the lashes beneath her gown


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With a toss

With a toss

When faced with two choices, simply toss a coin. It works not because it settles the question for you, but because, in that brief moment when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you are hoping for.

He’d read this a while back somewhere on the Internet. He liked the idea although not out of curiosity about his own desires but liked the idea of letting destiny make the call, regardless of what he wanted.

The coin in his hand was cold, but then so was destiny. Ah, was there a secret delight in leaving an important decision to chance alone

He tossed the coin and watched, in detached delirium as it flipped many times before landing in his  palm that he immediately clasped.The gamble had been played, destiny would either smite in one perfect strike, or it would caress him with her love.

He pulled the revolver to his temple. Heads, he would pull the trigger, tails he’d live another day. Either ways, he didn’t really care. With the curiosity of a certain cat, he unclasped his palm slowly, seeing more and more of the metal until he knew what side it was….then he smiled.


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Symphony of Silence

Symphony of Silence

In the sweet darkness of the evening Sun
Savoring the delight of a day well gone
With her soft fingers woven around mine
she leans on my chest and our souls intertwine
Her glassy eyes reflect the moon so bright
She pull me close and I hold her tight
I move closer and kiss her on the lips
She kisses me back and my heart a beat skips
Then I sing to her in a language old and sweet
A song divine, I sway to its beat
She joins in with me, we match every note
And together we create a symphony of silence

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The Embrace of Bareness

The Embrace of Bareness

When the windows are shut and the lights fade
And the symphony of noises in the World has died
A drink finds me in my bed and makes me evade
The world outside and clears my mind’s inside

Silence extends its lovely embrace
floating me away into a dimension devoid
of all the mundane occurences of the day’s
stymied flow as it is eventually destroyed

‘Tis a barren land where lies my repose
Where there are few who demand of me pleasure
And fewer yet to endlessly speak their woes
For silence is a beautiful treasure

It is them that luxuriate in desolation
whose souls feel lonely in multitude
And find complete peace in isolation
while the world obliviously dreads solitude

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Memento Mori

Memento Mori

The white angel comes and goes, leaves those around me in tears
They tell me with fake hope that all isn’t as bad as it appears
But feeling the grief in their hearts, I know that the end does lurk near
For this knowledge, neither do I break, nor do I shiver in fear

A stray thought crosses my mind and I find myself wondering,
If all that I have done in my life is  worth remembering.
I wonder if the Universe will know that my time is done
Or will I pass out like another blip against the sun

I fancy that nature will weep to grieve my departure
Or perhaps she will scorch all the earth in her anger
Huge waves on the seas she might unleash in her fury
Or she might not care and the day be lost in history

I wonder if  the world will shed tears when I smother
Will it grieve me greatly or will it not bother?
Perhaps for ever, it’ll honor my reminiscence
Or may be it’ll just laugh and call it good riddance

As  dusk morphs to night, my life flashes before my eyes
Did I do it right or have my steps been unwise?
Had I done things differently, would it be better
Or of all possible ends, is this the best one ever?

But all these questions don’t bother me so much
Soon I will be beyond care, worry and such
Only now does a single tear cross my eye
As I part my lips and say

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Poem: Game of thrones

Poem: Game of thrones

A cloud descends but it does not rain.
Instead of water, it brings us pain.
On over thousand legs it prances,
in its icy swords, our death dances

It flashes many standards red and gray
To each of their masters do we men pray
But none do listen, and they slit our throats
They rape our daughters and they take our goats

Our farms are forfeit and lives are gone
Few that do survive shall die by the dawn
When our liege hears, he spawns another cloud
They race from our land and ‘nother they shroud

The game repeats, only the players change
More men die as the pieces exchange
The high and mighty do laugh and frown
In the sea of deaths we commons drown

When the players are caught they never have to die
Their ransom is paid and safely they fly
And when all is over, all players are pardoned
It is the commons whose shoulders are burdened

It is we who build their castles and  sow their lands
But if we ask for rewards, they’ll cut off our hands
Yet our heads are first to fall, our are the first groans
When the Lords and Ladies play their game of thrones

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